December  2018

We have 8 beautiful puppies from the above combination !!!
They were born on November 25, 2018.
There are 2 gray bitches, 2 gray and 4 black males.

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We apologize for not keeping up to date at the moment

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IDS Leuven (B)

judge: Mr. P. Roosenboom (B)

*after a short break Mari & Pirelli together again in the showring, and they did great (again)

Pirelli Luigi 1 Ex, Cac, Cacib, BOB

*also my dear husband & Prada they had a premiere in the showring today , and they also did a great job !

Prada Blu - 1 Ex - CacJ - BOB Junior

me proud!



I'm over the moon again ;)



IDS Ceske Budejovice (Cz)

judge: Mr. T. Havelka (Sk)

Group judge: Mr. Boris Spoljaric (Croatia)

Jch. Pirelli Luigi 1Ex, Cac, Cacib, BOB

BOG 1place !!!

Oh yes..proud, proud and happy many thanks to the two honorable judges!




second day IDS Maastricht (Nl)

judge : Mrs. C. Venema - Smeets (Nl)

Pirelli Luigi 1Ex, Cac, Cacib, BOB

selected in the Group

(group Judge Mrs .N.Timmerman - Kadenko)

and !!!!! the best part of the day...

sitting in the lazy sofa with a lovely friend



first day IDS in Maastricht

judge : Mrs. E. Wogan (Eire)

Pirelli Luigi  1 Ex, Cac, Cacib, Bob

Group 3place <3

happy and proud again




second day Golden Dog Trophy Liege

judge: Mrs. D. Bujisic (Srb)

Pirelli Luigi - 1 Ex - Cac - Cacib - Bob

Group - Second place !!!

group judge: Mrs. M. Vermeire (B)



Golden Dog Trophy Liege (B)

judge: Mr. S.Harnik (Pl)

Pirelli Luigi - 1Ex - Cac - Cacib - Bob

Golden Winner Crufts Qualifications 2018 


Lokerse Winner Cac Show (B)

judge: Mr. Jeff Luscott (Uk)

Pirelli Luigi - 1Ex - Cac - BOB

Lokerse Winner

shortlisted in the Group ( group judge Mr. S.van den Bosch (B)

thanks to honorable judge Mr. Luscott for thinking higly of our boy and for the very nice words about him !



Ambiorixtrofee Genk (B)

judge: Mr. P.Muntean (Ro)

Pirelli Luigi - 1 Ex - Cac - Cacib - Bob



Dog Show Lommel (Be)

judge: Mr. J. Williams (Nl)

Pirelli Luigi - 1 Ex - Cac - BOB



What a day !!!


IDS Oss (Nl)

Pirelli - 1 Ex - CAC - CACIB - BOB

Valentina - VP – BOBP




VDH - Europasieger IDS Dortmund (Germany)

judge:Mr. J.Sauer (Ger)

Pirelli - 1Ex - JCac - J Club Cac - Best Junior - Europa Jugendsieger - Crufts qualification 2018!



XII Slezska Dog Show Hlucin

+ Moloss Club Show CZ (Cz)

Juniorclass Pirelli Luigi - 1Ex - JCAC - Best Junior - BOB - Junior Club Winner KMDPP

Puppyclass Prada Blu - 1VP - BOBP - BISP 4pl




Brabo IDS Antwerpen (B)

judge:Mr.Leos Jancik (Cz)

Pirelli Luigi (14months old) 1Ex, JCac, BOB

Junior Brabo Winner-Junior Champion of Belgium

& 5 place Group 2 (between the other big adult dogs)

group judge Mr.Staf Van Den Bosch (B)

Numa Lucia (Lucy),1Ex, Cac, Cacib, BOS

Brabo Winner Belgian & International champion

Not bad at all,not bad at all.  We're very proud and happy!





IDS Luxembourg

Today is a good day again :-)

Pirelli BOS and a new Junior Champion of Luxembourg !

Happy & proud



18.- 19.03.2017

Montlucon (France)

 we had a very nice weekend , we got excellent results on shows,

we met some new friends and had lot of fun and laughs


Pirelli Junior class

1EX, Best Junior, Best male, BOS

 The first big, important step for title Junior Champion of France !!!!!


Pirelli Junior clas

1EX, Best junior male!

We are proud of you! (Pirelli - 13 months old )



IDS Graz (A)

Judge: Mr. G. Schogol (Geo)

Pirelli 1Ex JBOB JCAC BOB !!!



 IDS Weelde (B)

judge: Mr. S.Van den Bosch (B)

Pirelli -1Ex - BOBJ - JCAC - BOB !!!




IDS Eindhoven (Nl)

judge: Mrs J. Lawless (Ie)

second show for our baby girl Valentina (4months)

1 VP - BOB Baby

she did great again, lovely temperament she have

thank you very much the honorable judge for her very nice words about our baby girl




Mouscron (B)

judge: Mr. J.J. Dupas (Fr)

our 11 months young boy Pirelli...

BOBJ & BOB again

our lovely baby girl Valentina

BOB Baby

Valentina did great today on her very first big dogshow


Happy & proud ... Proud & happy 


 IDS Gorinchem (Nl)

judge: Mrs. F. Lochs - Romans (Nl)

 Pirelli Luigi (Pirelli) 9 months old !! Juniorclass

1Ex, JCac, Cac, Best Junior, Best male, BOB

Junior Champion of the Netherlands !!!!!...

Whohoooo well done Mari & Pirelli      



Amsterdam Winner show (Nl)

judge - G. Nymann (Dk)

Pirelli 1 Ex, JCac, r.Cac (Cac), Bos Junior

Junior Amsterdam Winner - Crufts Qualification !!!!

Yiiihaaa  :D Crufts here we come !!

Well done again Marika & Pirelli


 Lucy took 1Ex, r.Cac, Cacib 



Holland Cup - Amsterdam (Nl)

judge B. Bosch (B)

Pirelli (9 months old) - juniorclass

1Ex, JCac, Cac, Best Junior male, Best male!!!!

Happy & proud !!...

It was very first show for Marika with Pirelli together and they did great!!! 




second day IDS Bleiswijk

judge: D.Baars (Nl)

Numa Lucia (Lucy ) 1Ex, r.Cac, Cacib

Jos did great today with Lucy Good job hubby



IDS Bleiswijk (Nl)

judge.Mr. Hans Almgren (Se)

Numa Lucia (Lucy) 1 Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB

a big thanks to the honorable judge for excellent report about our girl.

I was very pleased, read this report with very nice words about Lucy



 IDS Lovanium - Leuven (B)

judge: Mr. A. Czegledi (Hu)

Numa Lucia (Lucy) 1EX, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Selected in Group :) :)

Group judge: Mrs. R. Kazlauskaite (Lt)

We had a great weekend in Germany on a show ;)


International show Dortmund

judge:Mr.G.van den Bosch

Numa Lucia (Lucy) 1Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Herbst Sieger Dortmund 2016



Bundessieger Dortmund

judge: Mr. P. Roosenboom

Numa Lucia (Lucy) 1Ex, 2xCAC, CACIB, BOB

Bundessieger 2016

Crufts Qualification




From the following combination are 11 beautiful puppies born

3 males and 8 females!!!

WW and Multi Kampioen King Louie x Dama


Numa Lucia (Lucy)


Luxembourg Champion!!


Champion of Croatia 20 months old

Numa Lucia (Lucy)

28.07.2016 – judge : Tino Pehar -BOB

29.07.2016 – judge : Stefan Sinko – BOB

30.07.2016 – judge :Manola Poggesi – BOS

31.07.2016 – judge : Michael Forte - BOS





Lokerse Winner show (B)

judge - Mr. H.Almgren (Se)

our new puppy girl did great today on her very first show!

Proud of her and also of my dear husband... they did a great job together

Dalida Laura's Paradise  1 VP, BOBP

Numa Lucia (Lucy)  1Ex, CAC, BOB

Lokerse Winner

yeah she did it again ..proud proud!




IDS Outdoor Uden (Nl)

judge: Mr.G. van den Bosch

Numa Lucia (Lucy) 1Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB


IDS Meierij Show (Nl)

judge: Mr.J. Williams (Nl)

Numa Lucia (Lucy) 1Ex,CAC, CACIB, BOS

Proud of our young girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!




Dogshow De Baronie (Nl)

judge: Mr. J.M. Van Dijk (Nl)

Numa Lucia(Lucy) 1 Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB



Crazy about mud!!!



National show Wieze (Be)

judge : Mrs.Haapaniemi E. (Fin)

Monopoli du Circuit  1Ex, CAC, BOB

he became

Belgian Champion!!!!!!!!




Slezka National Dog Show  +

Moloss Club Show - Hlucin (Cz)

judge: Mr. A. Polgar (Srb)

Numa Lucia (Lucy) 1 Ex, CAC, ClubW., BOB

Main rings:...

Moloss Club Show - BIS *2

National Show - BIS Female (all breeds) - BIS *3

very proud of our girl !!!

it was again a great dog show ! a beautiful location and everything else was also just perfect



Pirelli stays with us.


10.04.2016 IDS

Utrecht (Nl)

judge :Mr. John Wauben (Nl)

Numa Lucia (Lucy) 1Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB

happy again


National Show Genk (B)

judge: Mr. P. Krol (Pl)

Numa Lucia (Lucy) 1Ex, CAC, BOS



IDS Luxembourg (Lux)

judge: Mr. C.Z. Lokodi (Ro)

Monopoli du Circuit 1 Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB Champion of Luxembourg !!

Numa Lucia (Lucy) 1 Ex, CAC, r.CACIB




IDS Hazerswoude (Nl)

judge Mrs. D. Klein (Ro)

Monopoli du Circuit 1Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Dutch & International Champion!!



belongs to Lucy

Crufts 2016 - 1 place junior female

by now 5 years in a row.

5 years winners on Crufts !!! Winners of my bloodline and own breeding

2012 - Ithani - BOS (BOB)

2013 - King Louie - BOB

2014 - King Louie - BOB ...

2015 - Monopoli du Cicuit - BOS

2016 - Numa Lucia (Lucy) - Best Junior female

It's just amazing , I am really proud, proud and happy

My big thanks goes to Naomi van Mourik for a excellent presentations of Lucy !

you're a dream team together!!!



Picture of our Australian boy – Magnufi Orrizonte Bellino



Brussels Dog Show

judge: Mrs. M. Kavcic (Sl)

Monopoli du Circuit, 1Ex, 2x CAC, CACIB

Belgian Winner, Benelux Winner Crufts Qualification, BOB 

shortlisted in the main ring (last 6 dogs)

handler Naomi van Mourik

Numa Lucia (Lucy), 1Ex, Best Junior female Benelux Junior Winner Crufts Qualification



Winner Dog Show Amsterdam (Nl)

judge - Mr. V. van Raamsdonk

Numa Lucia ( Lucy) -1 year old

Junior class, 1Ex,  Best Junior female,

res.Best female got 2x CAC!!

became Junior Champion of the Netherlands!!!!

also became the title Junior Winner Amsterdam !!!

again the Crufts Qualification




IDS Kortrijk (B)

Judge Mrs. A. Griffa

Numa Lucia (Lucy) 1 Ex, Best Junior, Best Female

Belgian Junior Champion!!!!



IDS Leuven (B)

Judge Mr. Aldaghistani

Numa Lucia (Lucy) 1 Ex, Best Junior





Bundessieger show Dortmund (De)

Judge Mr. A. Kirschtein

Numa Lucia (Lucy) 1 Ex, Best female,

Junior Bundessieger, Crufts Qualification




IDS Charleoi (B)

Judge Mr. M. Inzoli

Group judge Mr. Furlani

Numa Lucia ( Lucy) 1Ex,  Best Junior, Best Female BOB


BOG 4 !!!!!

in age 10 months young girl!! We’re very proud

Way to go girl !!

Way to go!


Slovakia Molossclub Show - Kamenny Mlyn (Sk)

Monopoli du Circuit 1Ex, CAC, CW, BOB

Best in SHOW

Thank you very much the honorable judges Mr. Jaroslav Matyas (Sk) and Mrs. Sylviane Tompousky (Fr),

for the very nice words and very nice report about our boy Monopoli.

We're very pleased and happy



CAC show + Club Show - Hlucin - Czech Republik

2x CruftsW., WorldW., Multich., King Louie - Bis !!!!!!

(1time Junior BIS and 7 times BIS on several dog show's - he's just an amazing boy!!)



CACIB Dog Show Luxembourg

Monopoli du Circuit  1Ex, Cac, Cacib, Bob, Bog 3

many thanks to the honorable judges Mrs. M. Poggesi (it) & Mr. Michael Leonard (irl)

and of course thank you Naomi van Mourik well done again!! you're a great team together!!


Crufts 2015


Jch. Monopoli du Circuit - Best DOG !


WOHOOO !! 4 Years in a row Crufts Winner!!


2012 - multich. Ithani


2013 - multich. ww. King Louie


2014 - multich..ww. King Louie ...







Numa Lucia



IDS Eindhoven

jugde.Mvr.Desserne (Fr)

Monopoli du Circuit 1Ex, Cac, Cacib, Bob

shortlisted in the Group

Handler Naomi


Like father like son


Brussel Dog Show
my two special boys did great today....again
W.W. King Louie 1Ex, Cac, Cacib Belgian Winner (3th time on a row)

Crufts Qualifications 2015

and his son..

Monopoli du Circuit 1Ex, Best Junior,Benelux Junior Winner (3th time on a row

so he gets aswell the title Benelux Junior Champion!!
Best Male, Benelux Winner, Crufts Qualifications, BOB !!!!!

Group II - Shortlisted!!
Junior Main Ring - Shortlisted!!!
Thank you to all honorable judges for these great results
Mr. E. Engh (No), Mr. V. van Raamsdonk (Be), Mr. A. Komorowski (D)




litter of five beautiful puppys born on  22.11.2014

2 males - 3 females

Lux.JCh.,Lux.Benelux Jw., Ned.Benelux Jw. Monopoli du Circuit


Multi champion Isella

we´re so happy with our litter out of this combination!!




Incredibly!! We had a fantastic weekend in Italy!

08.11. - 09.11.'14


Duo Cacib Dog Show Sassari (Sardinië -Italy)
King Louie  triumphed again !!

day 1:
1Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB  Group 2place
day 2: 1Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Razze Italiane 1place and  Group 1place
!!!!!!!!!!! * BIS * !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you very much all the honorable judges for these fantastic results!
Mrs.Orietta Zilli, Mr.Hadji Savas, Mr.Balducci Francesco





 Whohoo!!! What a fantastic day for father and son today, on the

Benelux Winner show Rotterdam (Nl)

judge Mr. w. Peper(Ger)

Monopoli du Circuit  1 Ex, Best junior, res. CAC and!!! Bis-j#3

junior Benelux Winner

multi Ch.  W.W. King Louie 1Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB and!!! Bog#3

Benelux Winner


Thanks to the hororablejudges Mr W. Peper(Ger) & R.Blümel(Au) for this great day!

And thanks Naomi vanMourik for super handling of Monopoli!



International Dog Show Luxembourg

judge: Dhr. G. Giorgio ( Italy)

Monopoli du Circuit  1 Ex, res. CAC, BOBj 

Luxembourg youth Winner Crufts Qualification




World winner dog show Finland

judge Mrs. A. Griffa (Italy)


King Louie 1Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB

= =World Champion!!!!= =




 Club show Finland

judge Mr. J. Vasco Pocas ( Portugal)

ring of honor - Mr. R. Malo Alcrudo ( Spain)


King Louie 1Ex CAC, BOB, BIS Finnish Champion




Club Show MNCN ( Moloss & Mastino  Club Nederland)

judge P. Roosenboom ( B)


Monopoli du Curcuit junior class  2Ex


Ch. King Louie 1Ex, CAC, Best Male, BOB,

CW '14, Club champion Bis!!!!!!!!

Second year in a row!!!!

This boy is just amazing!!!!



Dogshow De Baronie, Tilburg(Nl)

judge A. Wijnsouw(Nl)

Monopoli du Circuit 1Ex, CAC, Best junior, Best Male(youthclass)




Europasieger Dortmund(Ger)

judge Dr. Schock(Ger)

multi ch. King Louie 1EX, CAC, VDH-CAC, CACIB, BOB

Crufts qualification ´15

Europasieger ´14




Nina Ricci's personal page is now online!




IDS Brabo Antwerpen (B)
judge Mr. A.Beare (IE)
multi ch. King Louie 1EX, CAC, CACIB, BOB
multi ch. Isella  1EX, CAC  CACIB, BOS

and Isella has finished her International championship